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Data Backup Solutions

Al Shams Network Solutions offer comprehensive Backup Solutions in UAE. It is a notable fact that modern business relies so much on IT, such as computer systems, to keep records of past even, operational data, and files from breaches or equipment failure.

The importance of keeping one’s record safe is the more reason why an effective Backup Solution must be considered and utilized every time. However, getting a provider of reliable data backup solution can be overwhelmingly tiring, but with Al Shams Network Solutions, it is a relief because the safety of a company is what we worry about.

A company’s data and files are so sensitive that they need to be kept confidential at all times so that they don’t fall into unauthorized users’ hands; this could not only mean a breach in company’s data storage but could also result in a besmirch on the enterprise’ reputation. For this reason, it is better to stick by a proverb which says, “Prevention is better than cure.”

Al Shams Network Solutions, we proffer a reliable and excellent data backup solution in UAE that makes sure all your company’s records, including archives, are safe, and no infringement comes to them over the years.   

To securely protect your files, we employ many backup techniques; this hugely depends on the importance and types of the data your system holds, how often these data change, how frequently these data need to be backed up, and many more.

Why is Our Data Backup Solution Unique?

A Reliable Backup and Recovery Solutions ultimately present you with a plethora of benefits. Our Data Backup Solution is so efficient and protected with the highest level of encryption technology around, without neglecting the importance of easy access to the files. We offer you a cloud storage option, which significantly reduces the cost of spending on drawers, hard drives, and other storage devices thus, shrinking the space needed for data infrastructure.

Before we commence a Data Backup Solution plan, we choose carefully the type of Backup Solution Software to use, we separate the critical files from the redundant ones to know which ones to back up, we also decide on how often these vital files are to be backed up, how frequently these files change, and many more.

How Our Data Backup Solution Works

Al Shams Network Solutions, we are hell-bent about keeping our customer’s data intact, reliable, and most importantly, recoverable when the unexpected accident surfaces. As the frontrunner Backup Solution specialist, our inclination to providing an ideal data backup solution in UAE.

Our team of specialist is always on hand to give an on-site to help with installations, management, services that may arise concerning the slightest downtime of your business operations. 

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