Network Security in Dubai

Network Security in UAE

Al Shams provide comprehensive Network Security in UAE. Businesses are getting digitalize more than ever as the wave span across many industries and sectors of the economy of various nations of the world. Organizations’ security framework are bracing up to the task by upgrading their security levels and networks. Now with many devices communicating across different networks (cellular, wired, and wireless), the need for an organization to tighten its nuts concerning the security of its applications has become highly significant.

Network security is the several preventive measures an organization takes to prevent any form of unauthorized access to its underlying network infrastructure as well as any possible misuse, improper disclosure, malfunction, destruction, or modification. Multiple layers of defenses are set up by our professionals who are experts in NS systems. Each NS layer is used to implement several policies and controls. Hence, access to the network is gained by only authorized users as malicious operators are blocked from executing exploits and threats in the network.

In today’s business environment, organizations need to provide optimal protection for all their networks if they aim to meet with the demands and expectations of employees and consumers. Al Shams Network Solutions, we understand the fact that hackers are increasingly becoming smarter with the passing of each day. Hence, we employ advanced NS tools to secure the network paths of an organization in a manner that guarantees zero unauthorized access.

  • Antivirus and Antimalware security
  • Behavioral analytics
  • Application security
  • Data loss prevention (DLP)
  • Email security
  • Firewalls

Types of Network Security

Antivirus and Antimalware security

This is the process of protecting an organization’s network against all types of malware attacks such as worms, viruses, ransomware, and spyware. The software searches for threat caused by such malware and removes them entirely.

Behavioral analytics

This is the study of rational behavior to be able to detect an abnormal behavior when it occurs. Our behavioral analytical tools can easily detect any activity that deviates from the norm. Our security team can detect such threats easily and propose remedial actions quickly.

Application security

Many businesses have mobile apps that enable users to access their services and gather user experience. The need for application security is paramount for any organization that wants to prevent any vulnerabilities that attackers may use to gain access to their network.

Data loss prevention (DLP)

With the help of DLP technologies, organizations can prevent their staff from sending sensitive information to external bodies outside the network. This software prevents the forwarding, mailing, and even printing of confidential information without due authorization.

Email security

Email gateways are one of the fastest ways a security breach can occur. Attackers can use personal information and other details to build up phishing campaigns to send malware sites to recipients deceitfully as links. An appropriate email security application will block any incoming attack while protecting outbound messaging to prevent the loss of sensitive information.


A firewall can either be software, hardware, or both. To prevent the loss of sensitive data, it creates a barrier between trusted internal networks and untrusted networks.

Al Shams Network Solutions is one of the trusted NS providers helping many organizations to meet up with their security needs in the most efficient manner possible.

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