Upgrade Your Meetings: Unleash the Power of Modern Solutions!

Unlock Seamless Collaboration with Al Shams Network Solutions' Cutting-edge Meeting Room Solutions in the UAE!

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    Upgrade Your Meetings: Unleash the Power of Modern Solutions!

    Unlock Seamless Collaboration with Al Shams Network Solutions' Cutting-edge Meeting Room Solutions in the UAE!

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    Meeting Room Solutions

    Al Shams Network Solutions offers complete Meeting Room Solutions in UAE. We always look to provide you with the comfort you deserve, and equipping your company with an inch-perfect Meeting Room Solution is one of the excellent services we render. The world of business is revolving around technology, more reason why your company has to be tech-oriented to be reckoned as one of the best.

    many companies of today, it is essential to set aside a corporate space for meeting/conference room where employees and employers can come together to share ideas, make suggestions, make a borderless communication amongst themselves, spark some collaboration, which is beneficial to the growth and success of any business organization. Meeting room solution comes in handy and features some improved equipment to make the room seamless and more effective. 

    • Wireless Video Collaboration
    • Digital Signage
    • Room scheduling and control
    • Video switching and distribution
    • Video Conferencing System

    Our Meeting Room Solution is so effective and genuine that it presents your company not just the competitive edge in the market, but also, the ability to hold an inviting meeting that any other company or company’s member can collaborate in. This, in some way, helps so much in expanding the tentacles of the company; thus, moving them always closer to the laid-down goals and objectives.

    Meeting Room and Conference solutions

    Here, we come in to provide the much-needed solutions to make sure this meeting room makes all the objective; it is meant for, ease and comfort. Al Shams network Solutions use top rated video conferencing products with the latest Meeting Room Solutions in UAE to give a real lift in productivity and also give a competitive edge to the company in today’s world.

    If you ever want a meeting room well designed and equipped to meet your requirement, do not look any further, trust Al Shams Network Solution with the responsibility of satisfying your needs, because that is precisely what we do. 

    Contact us today to enjoy our ever pleasing services for higher productivity, flexibility, on-time communication from different remote locations with just a push of a button and sound network connection, if need be.

    Audio and Video Conference meeting Room Solutions

    Al Shams provides an all-around package which includes equipment for wireless communication, control lights, HDMI, Audio Video systems, a CCTV to check every activity, Projection Systems, and many more.

    We also make provisions for companies that look to communicate between branches; we make video collaboration possible which is essential and critical for productive meeting because it is a known fact that, in case of companies with many branches, not everyone can be in the same location to attend meetings.

    We give no reasons to travel several distances to make a face-to-face conversation; it is a total waste of time, money, and needless. This is one of the reasons why we make the needed provision installed in your Meeting Room to make things much easier yet efficient.

    Meeting Room features top-notch market-leading brands that guarantee the best quality services, and also ensures after-sales for your equipment, should you choose to switch to the most modern equipment. Most importantly, our team of skilled professionals are always on standby to see to your immediate needs if any issues arise at any point in time.